Feb.14, 2013

Valentine's Day is here again. Have you got a gift for your sweetheart? Candy, card or flowers? Using your 3D printer to prepare something special, here are some ideas.

1. Twisted Heart Vase: created by Gyrobot

It is print with zero infill, 1+ perimeters, and a few solid layers for the base. Either delete the last few layers of code or stop the print before it starts bridging the top, or cut off the solid layers after the print.

2. Big Love <3 - Heart Gears: created by faberdasher

Emmett's Heart Gears scaled linearly by 180% for maximum loving. The largest part is 12x12x7.5cm. It is printed on a RepRap (Prusa) Mendel.

3. Preassembled Secret Heart Box: created by emmett

No assembly or extra parts required. You can even add words to the top of the heart.

One thing I learned from designing the Blossoming Lamp is that it's entirely possible to 3D print complex, preassembled mechanisms without breaking the 45-degree rule. I took it as a challenge to show that it's possible even with something as seemingly complex as this locking heart box.

4. PLA Heart Gears for Replicator 2: created by whpthomas

Many of us have been frustrated to discover that the pins for emmett's Screwless Heart Gears are not PLA compatible. They are too stiff, and in my experience, attempting to force them in can crack the pins and damage the piece itself.

So I set about trying to design some alternative pins for PLA. My first attempt was to make flexible end tabs, but while this worked, the gear heart axle is too short to support this approach. In the next attempt, I altered the internal structure of the tip of the pin to make it more flexible for PLA and redesigned the protrusions.

5. Open your Heart: created by mowi

So you have opened your heart for this wonderful person. Now you can show him or her what is inside.

The bottom and lid are bonded together. It was was printed in PLA on a prusa mendel. The size for printing is 164 x 147 x 33 mm, the closed box is 100 x 100 x 35mm.

6. Finally a very special one: a DNA playset, created by emmett

For this Valentine's Day: a DNA playset. This'll probably only go over well if your significant other is a biologist. But, hey, reproduction is sexy, right?

Thanks to Wikipedia and the hard work of many scientists to measure tiny molecules, this is an accurate 35,000,000:1 scale model of DNA. It's a playset because you print out copies of the four nucleotides (A, T, G, and C) and snap them together into whatever sequence you like.






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