Feb.15, 2013

South African hacker Quentin Harley has been working on his own SCARA arm 3D printer for years. Last week he uploaded a pic of the build. In the images below you can see the updated motor holders, the new bed bracket with lead screw, and the power supply roughly in the right spot, ready for the electronics.

The extruder moves along the x and y axes and the bed itself moves along the Z axis. The inner shaft of the SCARA drive consists of the threaded rod and a 15mm copper pipe. The major parts, such as the arms driving gears, pipe adapters are printed on a 3D printer.

(Images: Quentin Harley)

It's still a work in progress, but Harley has uploaded a nice video showing off how this SCARA 3D printing bot moves. "I am running Marlin firmware, based on Johann Rocholl's Rosstock Marlin deltabot firmware, but modified with SCARA inverse kinematics." The Marlin is published here on github.

If this project works it could be a big step for the development of entry-level 3D printer. This build is simple and easy to assemble. Harley's next step is to fine tune the firmware, so if you are interested in following up the progress of this project check out his blog here.






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