Feb.17, 2013

Valentine's Day is big business in Japan. The concept behind the FabCafe 3D printed chocolates is not only for amusement, but also offer a unique experience for participants.

The week before Valentine's Day, 15 people participated the two-day workshop: to scan themselves and then make a 3D chocolate face. In this process, they got to experience 3D scanner and 3D printer, as well as making the silicon molds. Comparing to the other expensive Valentine's Day gifts, a price of ¥6000 ($64) for the workshop is still cheap.

Here are their DIY 3D chocolate face adventure:

3D scan the whole body with a ultra-high-performance scanner.

First experience of modeling my face in the Freeform.

Participants receive 3D printed mold for making chocolate face, printed on a "Project3500" 3D printer.

Pour chocolates in...slowly

Remove the mold and wait until the chocolate becomes solid.


(Photo courtesy of FabCafe)

FabCafe is planning a White Day (March 14) Special Workshop for men in March. If you like to make a 3D printed chocolate from scratch, remember to visit Tokyo next month. The date is not announced yet, but check the FabCafe website for further information.

Below is a little video from the event.




Source: FabCafe


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