Feb.18, 2013

Shlomo Mockin is a watchmaker and designer in Brooklyn New York. Using modern manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, lathe and mill machines, combined with old school hand finishing method's, Mockin created his first watch line Zayger.

Zayger is made of 3D printed high quality precious metals and wrapped with the finest quality leathers. It has a classic watch look and features a 40mm case with a 4mm crown, a leather strap and matching leather dial, with leather inlay on both sides of the case. After 3D printing, hand engraving, hand painting and enameling are used as finishing to make it more beautiful and stylish.

Because in usage of 3D printing you get a choice of case materials such as antique bronze, gold plated steel, polished silver and polished gold.

About two years ago, I came across the emerging revolution in manufacturing: 3D printing. 3D printing is an amazing and affordable new way to take an idea from the prototype stage all the way to manufacturing and mass production. Its accuracy has recently gotten to the point that it can be used to make watch parts that require accuracy to points of a millimeter. It is also a great match for watchmaking, because in usage of 3D printing one only pays for the amount of material you use. In other words, complexity is free, giving it some major advantages over traditional manufacturing. The prototyping price is the same as the production price, and watches can be made with unlimited design complexity without driving up the price.

This first limited edition watch lines is now on Kickstarter. Mockin offers an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL, one Zayger LeatherTime watch for $175, in a steel case with a antique bronze finish, and with your choice of band size and color. Check the details and more and other rewards on Kickstarter.







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Marvin Rist (German)Reist wrote at 5/14/2013 9:33:47 PM:

I am interested to speak with the watchmaker Zayger. I am also a clock and watch designer. Please give me a phone call at 219-979-0345 or send me an E-mail at: marvinristwatch@yahoo.com

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