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In an era where keyboards have largely taken over pens and where virtual messages have buried in postcards, could one still hope for fountain pens to resurface?

The launch of the first 3D sculpted and printed fountain pen by Pjotr, alias Rein van der Mast, in the Netherlands, brings the answer “yes”.

Pjotr is the founder of SOLide (SOLutions in Design Engineering), a consultancy agency whose primary focus is on customization and 3D printing.

The fountain pen launched by Pjotr falls more into the piece of art category rather than into the practical tool widely used on schools’ benches. As such, this 3D printed fountain pen is the fruit of an artist’s creation with the uniqueness that the artist is, to a large extent, the customer himself: a real collaboration where Pjotr will listen to the customers’ wishes and will bring all of his designing expertise to make all ideas and themes come true.

The first model launched by Pjotr was named “Cavalry”, merging elements of two centuries of Dutch cavalry, and more largely of European army history. All in 3D and with the old French saying “à nos femmes, à nos chevaux” (literally meaning “to our wives, to our horses”) engraved:

One may argue that customization is far from being new. It is a rather trendy and “must-have” claim for companies, across industries. Pjotr fully recognizes it when he says: “'Nowadays, manufacturers of consumer products actually listen to individual clients. This is possible thanks to the internet”. He continues saying: “it can be rather appealing to them (manufacturers) to have the individual customer decides on the final shape of a part, as he would appreciate the result more than a common design.  Additive manufacturing is very well suited here”.

Playing the game of customization, Pjotr fountain pens’ can boast of allowing customers to have their own inscription included (e.g. the owner’s monograms), all sorts of shapes and nuances with a suited pen case if desired.

Last but not least, according to Pjotr, customization also means “non-discrimination” towards left-handed people. He says: “And I should also mention that you can handle asymmetrical designs with this concept. If the user is left-handed, then Pjotr can digitally mirror the pen before building the piece”.

Beyond the aesthetics and design, there is advanced technology and innovation: all fountain pens are typically made of titanium, which makes them exceptionally light and very strong. Their average wall thickness is only 0.3 millimeters. Other metals are also an option. Enamel can be applied, as well as precious stones and many other materials. It is also to be highlighted that this breakthrough fountain pen is the result of a collaboration work with numerous companies (CNC Consult, Innplate, LayerWise, Materialise).

(Images credit: Pjotr Pen)

Pjotr fountain pens are unique and price reflects it: about € 6,000 as a start, depending on complexity.

For any interest, either for a brand new model or one which is already available, people are advised to contact Pjotr, or to make an appointment with Mr. Paul Rutte, pen specialist of P.W. Akkerman in The Hague in The Netherlands.

The fountain pen will be presented, at the Rapid Pro Trade Fair, in the SOLide stand, on the 26th and 27th of February, at Veldhoven:

All pictures and more information can be found on Pjotr’s website.







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