Feb.18, 2013

Besides DreamMaker 3D printer, open source 3D printer Ultimaker has got another "Chinese version" - Ultimaker 3D Joy.

This Ultimaker 3D Joy version is listed on the biggest Chinese marketplace Taobao.com. The company 3djoy.cn announced it in January and sold the first printer on Jan.21.

On its Taobao shop, this Ultimaker 3D Joy version kit, with all parts sourced in China, has a price tag of RMB4,500 (EUR539), half of the price of Ultimaker kit (€1,194). In addition, you can also find parts and accessories for sale, with very cheap prices.

On Feb.3, 3djoy.cn uploaded a review of the Ultimaker 3D Joy:

Ultimaker 3D Joy version is the copy of Ultimaker, the only difference is the logo. In order to distinguish it with the original, we specifically add a "3DJoy" behind Ultimaker. There is no malice in it, just out of respect for the original. "


All transmission parts, printing parts, heating parts are the same as Ultimaker original.

Here are 3D prints from Ultimaker 3D Joy version:

(Images: 3DJoy.cn)


According to Ultimaker's comment below, this Ultimaker 3D Joy is not an identical copy of the original. Besides the product, Ultimaker provides support, compatible spare parts, and has also invested in innovation. All sourced parts are well selected and not all of them are from China.






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freecodecool wrote at 12/27/2014 1:16:27 PM:


Adam wrote at 7/1/2014 8:52:34 AM:

I ordered mine from 3djoys back in the summer of 2013. No problems, apart from the usual teething stuff. Anyway, one year later and I just ordered 2 more - this time the huge 210 X 310 X 410 size! Building them is all I am worried about haha! The first one was pre-build..

Ben wrote at 6/26/2013 2:00:23 PM:

Thanks for the link. I had bad experience from Ultimaker. In short they didn't send me the main electronic board with the kit, instead they sent me the ulticontroller board that i ordered with the bundle. After I call them up, they say it is my fault for not checking thoroughly within a few weeks of receiving it and blaming on me and refuse to send me the missing part which i have paid for. I tried asking for the manager a few times, she just responded he is not available, I asked whether he has come in yesterday and will he come in tomorrow, she said she doesn't know and suggested me to speak to her other colleage whom she thinks may not be able to help either way. It is not their policy to replace missing parts after a few weeks. I know i been slow, distracted took me 12 months to get to the final stage then discovered the missing part, but I also believed in customer service and care about the customer experience. My believed in ultimaker is clearly misplaced, for all those who has placed order with them, do check your parts carefully unlike me. for those who has yet to place an order look else where, as this is not a company you want to buy from. Clearly they value their policy above all else.

Bill Dempsey, Ultimaker Owner wrote at 3/12/2013 7:23:40 PM:

After all my bad experiences with Ultimaker, and posting about their lack of customer service, a customer service person named Sander finally contacted me on their web site, had me do a few tests, and then offered to replace my faulty main board. The printer now works again, thanks to him. It was quick and simple compared to my previous months of frustration. Apparently, the person who originally tried to help me is no longer working there. They also have a real support person helping on their forums, now. Things are looking up at Ultimaker, so I retract my previous statements regarding Ultimaker support and apologize for calling Erik de Bruijn a liar and a cheat. It turns out he really does care what customers think.

Bill Dempsey, Ultimaker Owner wrote at 3/4/2013 12:20:09 AM:

From my own experience with Ultimaker, Erik de Bruijn is a liar and a cheat. Ultimaker provides support?? That's stretching the definition of "support" pretty damn far from my experience. Ultimaker doesn't provide ANY support for their products. They rely on other owners to do any actual trouble-shooting. I'm sorry Erik, but simply providing a person who answers my email isn't the same as providing support. It took over a month to get my Ultimaker printing after it arrived and your supposed "support" NEVER helped me once after a dozen emails back and forth. The ONLY thing Erik's "support" did was tell me repeatedly that I must have assembled the printer wrong. They even went back to that excuse after we had established that I followed their instructions exactly. I could go on for hours about the ordeal they put me through trying to make their crappy printer work. As it turned out, I had followed the directions precisely and the instructions were just wrong for what they shipped me. It seems they update their instructions about three months after they modify the shipping design. That's for the parts which actually have instructions. Some parts don't. Erik's Ultimaker company policy is to ALWAYS blame the customer first and to NEVER replace their own defective parts, even when employees admit they're defective. Also, Ultimaker has ZERO warranty. Their electronics are currently poorly-assembled half-soldered crap that dies after a dozen weeks of use. Every crappy part that fails on their crappy printer has to be purchased again at full price. The ONLY help I got on my Ultimaker printer was from other users on their forums. Erik's amateur company of clown college rejects did not offer to replace a single part which has failed in the 4 months I've had the printer. The printer has cost me almost twice the advertised price because of all the replacement parts, poor exchange rate, and insane DHL shipping costs. To top it all off, the Ultimaker printer has stopped working completely now. So, Erik de Bruijn's Ultimaker company took over $3000 of my money and all I have is an ugly wooden brick after 4 months of ownership. Frankly, I don't see how the Chinese could possibly do any worse than Ultimaker does. From my real-world experience, Ultimaker offers ZERO additional value for twice the price of the Chinese knockoff. They offer the same warranty you'd get with the Chinese version, which is to say NO WARRANTY. They offer the same level of customer support, meaning ZERO support. Hell, the Chinese would probably treat their customers with MORE respect rather than spending 99% of their time blaming the customer before finally admitting it's a problem with their printer. Basically, I expect you'd hand the Chinese your money, then you'd be on your own, pretty much EXACTLY like my experience with Ultimaker.

Rodion Hvisky wrote at 2/24/2013 1:06:17 PM:

Well, nobody likes a copycat especially one that doesn't add any value, but on the other hand Ultimaker hasn't opened itself up to distribution, so they do have some responsibility that this has happened. Ultimaker is a great product (or so I'm told) but my company has approached them for distribution only to be rebuffed, then on a simple order of one unit, they have put up so many roadblocks to purchase I really begin to have doubts about the organization. Building a company is not simply having a great product. It also means valuing your customers and potential distributors.

Michal wrote at 2/20/2013 11:14:04 AM:

Chinese dont mean bad quality, almost all the products I use was made there and it works well. I dont like that they just start selling without changing and improving anything. Just making money from somebody elses hard work. It does not help open source, this portal should cut the links to their shop.

Zbob wrote at 2/20/2013 1:56:37 AM:

Why is 3ders giving these crooks with free advertisement? Also, you know that this product will not work properly. It is just another cheap knockoff of a good product. It is sad. There is plenty of talent in China. The lack of innovation there is amazing. It is just part of the culture

Michal wrote at 2/19/2013 10:17:52 PM:

They even stole Ultimakers photos to put them in the store header, didnt bother to photograph "their own" printer. This sucks!

Mark wrote at 2/19/2013 3:15:42 PM:

Erik you and your "team" are funny, you know why ? Because you try put some fable in to people head about your precision parts, about innovation bla bla bla. Some time ago I bought you "wood 3D printer" and when I saw this I dont know whether I need to cry or laugh, really Ultimaker sucks, deep sucks. And your parts can be made in garage without any precision, other parts can be purchased at just any store construction - and you wrote something about precision, innovation?You talk about honor, etc ? DONT BE FUNNY MATE :) I really wait when ultimaker clones flood the all market, maybe you will think again with more resulution which chance you lose.

Exi wrote at 2/19/2013 7:24:03 AM:

On taobao have possible to find thing-o-matic clone for 300€ included local shipping real problem are international shipping. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.10.228.t84nDK&id=15343643296 Sorry Erik but life is not only $ . Why judge a quality of product only from photo without test it? Made in China is not equal "poor item" and you are in fault only because you think to loose some money. Don't warry Erik Taobao is closed for china people and international shipping for 7-14kg is cost really too much. if i want official ultimaker with warranty and assistance pay it and buy official ultimaker, if need only item, sorry but i prefer buy 3d joy machine

Erik de Bruijn, Ultimaker co-founder wrote at 2/18/2013 10:11:10 PM:

Anja, besides aiding trademark infringement through your post, it's not fair to say it's identical. We provide more than a product in a box, we provide support AND compatible spare parts. We invest in innovation to make sure that the next Ultimaker will see the daylight. Also, some parts really require precision that impacts the print quality. We can only get these parts from very select suppliers (and not from China). P.s. I can see many differences just from the few pictures on this site.

Daid wrote at 2/18/2013 5:48:18 PM:

Ultimaker is a trademark, using it like this WILL put questions about their machine at OUR support staff. So pretty much, this sucks, and is bad for us. Nothing else.

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