Feb.20, 2013

While 3D printing is widely used in all industries, the originality of 3D designs is becoming more and more important. Customers want original branded 3D designs, but illegal design blueprints are being distributed online and a number of cease-and-desist orders have been issued to websites allowing this new form of piracy.

Startup FABULONIA unveils today an innovation in 3D printing: designers and companies can now securely monetize online with original 3D designs.

FABULONIA is a 3D marketplaces and services where original design rights holder can open and run online stores, offering customization and sales of 3D originals. For consumers it will be a place to discover and customize original designs from top designers.

FABULONIA's solution covers all the necessary steps from the upload of 3D designs and storage to distribution, using new patent-pending technologies, such as the Collaborative Copyright Technology and Secure 3D Streaming. It is not based on old Digital Rights Management schemes and FABULONIA calls it a consumer and ecosystem friendly approach to copyrights.

Different levels of copyright protection can be applied, such as free unlimited distribution or paid licenses. Marketplaces can be hosted in FABULONIA's or in private clouds, even using own branded 3D printers. It is claimed the system can be integrated into both enterprise and institutional legacy systems, run in private or hosted environments.


FABULONIA is a Finnish-Estonian startup with offices in Estonia and UK. It is founded and headed by Kimmo Isbjörnssund, ex-Nokia employee and Finnish citizen. Isbjörnssund is the inventor of FABULONIA'S core innovations together with company Chief Technology Officer Anton Vedeshin(Obtaining PhD in Cloud Computing). FABULONIA was awarded an innovation grant as one of the best new Estonian startups.

FABULONIA will be shown first time in Barcelona Mobile World Congress on Feb.25, still 5 days to go. Product designers, such as Finnish Ilkka Suppanen (Red Dot award winner), and jewelry designers Kristian Saarikorpi and Petri Pulliainen are among those shown in FABULONIA's Marketplace demo. Stay tuned!







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