Feb.22, 2013

Osaka-based Japanese office supplies company CREW's Co.,Ltd was established in 1990. It provides office supplies and store accessories with great design and functionality.

"Convenient, Useful, I will be happy to use" are the keywords that the company wants to deliver with their products. No surprise CREW's has developed another useful office equipment: a 3D printer.

Named as "良蔵"(よいぞう), meaning "warehouse", this 3D printer is designed to be able to print out 3D plastic objects from computer design using ABS plastic.

In ancient Japan, "良蔵" the warehouse is used to store important stuff. The company named this 3D printer as warehouse with the hope that this 3D printer can be used to print nice objects.


  • Print area: 200 × 200 × 200mm
  • Weight: 13KG
  • Power: AC100V
  • Power consumption: 150W
  • Print thickness: 0.35mm
  • Printer dimensions: 400 × 400 × 400mm
  • Support OS, Windows7/Vista/XP system
  • Support STL file
  • Using ABS plastic
  • Includes USB cable, power adapter, CD-ROM, Operating Instructions

3D printing sample:

After 10 minutes


After 1 hour


After 2 hours (Finish)

Currentlly the company offers a special price for this 3D printer: JPY 359,100 (US$3,846 / EUR2,921). Though the price is not cheap and the 3D printing quality is not the best, this is the first 3D printer developed by an office supplies company. Entry-level 3D printer is defined as an office-based machine, and we could expect when the quality of the products improves, the number of companies working on 3D printing will increase. In the near future producing a 3D printer could be just as common as producing any other housewares.








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