Feb.28, 2013

After releasing the 3D printable files of the Cuomo mag, Defense Distributed announced that they have figured out how to 3D print the 3rd generation of AR lowers and the file is ready for distribution at DEFCAD. But no .stl file currently.

The team shared a video two days ago that the new 3D-printed lower of the gun holds up for more than 600 rounds:

Defense Distributed published a 3D printed AR lower v5 review today showing the lower receiver design has been reinforced.

This lower was built out horizontally, with improved cross sectional areas at the rear take down pins, and more curved and filled spaces below the buffer tower and inside the rear of the receiver. The idea was to take out as many angles and stress risers as possible in the rear, build out critical thicknesses for strength, and let the piece act more as a spring.

Defense Distributed says on their blog that the "actual count of the new SLA lower was 660+ on day 1 with the SLA lower. The test ended when we ran out of ammunition, but this lower could easily withstand 1,000 rounds." No one knows how long this lower can last.

And the FDM lower, which was 3D printed on a used Dimension SST 3D printer using p400 ABS material, was broken after 88 rounds - "the rifle experienced an unrelated mechanical failure (the bolt had a worn cam pin that prevented the bolt from opening all the way)."

But the big takeaway is that you can do what we did on a printer like the Ultimaker or RepRap. The pieces can be made cheaply, and the file is free at DEFCAD.

In addition to this piece, Defense Distributed has also announced that they are perfecting the 3D printed AK magazines and are working on releasing a primer. The AK magazines are being tested again this weekend.








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J wrote at 6/13/2019 11:15:09 PM:

Is this file still available?

sidharth wrote at 7/16/2015 10:44:13 AM:


Potato man wrote at 1/6/2014 12:57:56 PM:

I've found my purpose in life... to make durable 3D printed firearms and firearm parts. Eduardo... thanks for the motivation.

HoTTRoD wrote at 11/1/2013 12:59:29 PM:

he can promote what he want its just a gun 2 A all the way

Brad wrote at 10/9/2013 6:11:25 AM:

I think this great! I agree with Jassper. Being a 3D printer owner, It is challenging to build a part that can fully withstand everyday abuse. The proper term for a "3d Printer" is a Rapid Prototyping Machine. Notice the "Prototyping" in the name? Incase you didnt know what a prototype is here is the definition: pro·to·type noun \ˈprō-tə-ˌtīp\ : an original or first model of something from which other forms are copied or developed : someone or something that has the typical qualities of a particular group, kind, etc. : a first or early example that is used as a model for what comes later If I have to explain to you further, I am amazed you can tie your shoes. Do not punish responsible gun owners. REMEMBER; It's not the gun who is evil, it's the crazy man pulling the trigger.

me wrote at 4/28/2013 8:13:37 AM:


Jassper wrote at 3/3/2013 3:45:59 AM:

Hay all you uneducated hypocrites, what do you think machinist can do with CNC mills. Stop placing your fears in the wrong place and take a minute to do your home work. Nice prints by the way :)

Jake wrote at 3/1/2013 4:36:53 PM:

lol, "assault weapons." If we call them "fluffy bunny weapons" will it make you feel better?

Anja wrote at 2/28/2013 11:04:46 PM:

My opinion is, it is always better to know what is going on, no matter you like it or not.

Eduardo wrote at 2/28/2013 10:43:46 PM:

Please stop promoting assault weapons.

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