Feb.28, 2013

"3D printers aren't cheap.""Does it make sense to have a 3D printer and not use it 99% of the time?""Technology evolves very quickly. Are you ready to buy a new 3D printer every year?"

Startup thinkklip comes up with a new idea: "3D printing + Co-ownership." So instead of buying your own 3D printer, you join 3D printing groups.

Our approach is extremely simple. We want to solve a simple and immediate problem: "good 3D printers are expensive" and let's see what happens if we can weave a network of for example 500 3D printers shared. Do you join?

How does it work?

1. First you need to register on the site with location and e-mail address.

2. Then the site will help you locate other people with similar interests and budgets ready to buy a 3D printer in group. You can also check the online profiles of other members and decide.

3. Then you decide the 3D printer that you wish to purchase and how much you want to contribute.

4. The website will make you a proposal but you decide how you want to share your printer.

5. You get a document of co-ownership for your 3D printer.

6. You get also access to a shopping network selling printers, materials, recycling, design, services...

When you have tight budget, with this concept you can still have fun and enjoy 3D printing things in groups. The website is still brand new, and no price indicated how much they charge for the service. We will update as more information is available.






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