Mar.1, 2013 | By Anne van der Meij

Cellular Loop is the first cantilever chair to be 3D-printed. Besides lacking back legs, the endless ribbon shape and mysterious cell structure make the chair an attractive object rarely seen. A chair is considered to be the supreme discipline of design. Not surprisingly Cellular Loop was shown at OBJECT Rotterdam, the fair for contemporary design in the Netherlands. 

Cellular Loop is the first result of research project Bionic Manufacturing, conducted by the Folkwang University of Arts in Germany. The founding mother of the chair, Anke Bernotat, used nature as inspiration for its construction.

An extraordinary example of nature as inspiration is the earlier mentioned cell structure. It is derived from trabeculae, which are small tissue elements in the form of small rods found in bones.

(Trabeculae as inspiration for Cellular Loop)

(The endless ribbon shape and mysterious cell structure of Cellular Loop | credit: Anke Bernotat)

Cellular Loop is produced by selective laser sintering (SLS), an additive manufacturing technique that uses a high power laser to fuse small particles of for example plastic into a mass that has the desired three-dimensional shape.

By using concepts from nature together with the newest production methods Cellular Loop was born. The chair is extremely lightweight, but also possesses the stiffness and stability as well as the elasticity one would expect from a cantilever chair. A true piece of solid design with a touch of infinity.








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Thomas Gualtieri wrote at 7/11/2014 8:07:25 PM:

I am a graduate student at Washington State University and currently I am writing a book chapter for a text book on additive manufacturing. I found an image on your website I would like to include in the chapter and was wondering if I could get the permission to do so? I would really appreciate it. I cannot attach the image but it is of a 3D printed chair. Thank You, Thomas Gualtieri Graduate Student Washington State University

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