Mar.3, 2013

Bernhard at VirtuMake just released his prototype of the VirtuCube, a DIY 3D-scanner consisting of an Acer K11 beamer, a Logitech HD Webcam C615, an Arduino Turntable and free software DAVID-Laserscanner.

The whole setup is fixed relative to each other, so you just have to calibrate the scanner once. The whole kit is designed to fit into a box for maximum convenience. The scanning process is fully automated. You do not need the button anymore, just place the object in the scanner and hit the start button in the DAVID-Laserscanner Software.

Check the video below:

This is an open source project and can be rebuilt by any private person. You can find all the files on Thingiverse here.

"My goal is to develop entry level 3D scanners for people who own a 3D printer. I try to give regular people without CAD knowledge a tool to create their own content for 3D printers. They could for example build things with clay, scan them and modify the 3D model with Meshmixer, Meshab and so on. I think this could make 3D printing more accessible to "non-nerds". says Bernhard.

Bernhard released a tutorial on 3D scanning a little toy with the VirtuCube Structured Light 3D-Scanner and the David Laserscanner 3.7 software, watch the video below and the good quality 3D model.







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3D Tweets MyVideosToWatch wrote at 6/19/2015 1:27:10 PM:

Build a 30$ laser Scanner

virtumake wrote at 3/5/2013 4:16:03 PM:

Hi! please note that you need the full edition of David-Laserscanner to use all features of the software, like saving the final result of the fusion process.

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