Mar.6, 2013

3D printing is becoming more and more accessible, but how to get your design 3D printed quickly and easily, with a very low lost? After working on various startup ideas for over a year, after many personal struggles with inaccessible campus 3D printing and 2-4 week lead times from online 3D printing services, three U.C. Berkeley students, David Pastewka, Richard Berwick and Will Drevno came up with a great idea: Dreambox - automated 3D printing services.

A Dreambox is a 3D printing vending machine. It is easy to use and features same-day printing, 24/7 on-site pickup and personal storage.

The process is pretty simple:

1. uploading or choosing a design from online models or at the machine via USB stick.

2. clicking the "Print" button, the item is sent to the nearest Dreambox and added to the queue of prints. When a printer becomes available, the model is sent to that 3D printer for printing.

3. On completion, the print is removed from the build surface and dispensed into a private locker, at which point the customer is alerted via text message. The customer can use the unique code included in the text message to retrieve the item from the locker anytime.

Dreamboxes are built to order with a varying number of internal 3D printers and lockers based on customer needs. They leverage existing 3D printers instead of creating their own. Currently Dreambox uses FDM 3D printers to create products using PLA plastic, but will in the future offer additional material options.

This is the simplest way to have your custom models created. For anyone who doesn't have time to setup a 3D printer, or prefer not to wait for weeks of waiting to receive an item from a 3D printing service, Dreambox provides an accessible, affordable, and convenient 3D printing service to let users freely experiment with 3D printing.

The Dreambox founding team met in 2011 in a mobile application development class and competition at U.C. Berkeley. Their idea was accepted into Skydeck Berkeley, an incubator-accelerator program based in Berkeley, CA, in the Fall of 2012, since then the team has been designing and prototyping its first vending machine for the U.C. Berkeley campus.






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AptPupil wrote at 3/6/2013 2:17:52 PM:

So very cool!! Okay, new Star Trek scenario: Something is amiss in the year 2313. Suddenly replicators no longer exist!?!?!? People start losing memory of them all together. Except for one Star Fleet cadet. He's starting to think, along with everyone else, that he's lost his mind, until he gets help from a classmate that has a serious crush on him. With her trust in him, and the chance to be with him 24/7, the two work together to travel back in time to 2011 where they find that David Pastewka (name chosen randomly :) ), for whatever reason, failed to sign up for the mobile application development class and competition, and, therefore, the three did not collaborate and design the Dreambox. The future ramification: no replicators like the ones on Star Trek!!!! So, the two have to slap some since into the guys head, take him back a couple months & make sure he does things the way the history books once said he did. lol Could be an entire movie, or at least a Youtube video!!! LOL :) To nerdy??

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