Mar.6, 2013

At Microsoft's TechFest 2013 this week, the company shows demos of what they're working on, from interactive whiteboards that can automatically finish a sketch from a human, to a program capable of tracking how a piece of social media message goes viral. TechFest is Microsoft's annual science fair and this week, around 150 demos are being shown to media, among them are several easy methods to produce 3D scan in low cost.

The first method uses the depth-sensing camera on the Xbox's Kinect to create 3D models. Microsoft's KinectFusion project investigates techniques to track the 6DOF position of handheld depth sensing cameras, such as Kinect, to create 3D model in pretty short order.

The second method Microsoft demonstrated is to scan using an array of six digital cameras and a green screen. You can see from the video below the 3D image of Ina Fried is pretty impressive. And another method was to use a custom app on a Windows Phone to take images. The data was then sent to the cloud to generate 3D model.

According to corporate VP Peter Lee, who heads all of the company's U.S. labs, the company will look at even more options. And internally Microsoft like the Kinect option more and the new version of Kinect Fusion will be part of the next Kinect for Windows SDK release.


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