Mar.7, 2013

Light-cured resin 3D printers are getting really popular. The students led by Rachel Levine at Rochester Institute of Technology have been working on building a projected image 3D printer since last year. The system uses an ordinary overhead projector to project black and white images onto a film of UV curable photopolymer in order to selectively cure/harden the polymer.

The new team this year has several goals based on the work from last group: to determine the best method of adjusting the image size and focus; to research different photopolymers that are available. In addition, they want to design a movable platform and construct an optics system capable of transmitting light that will cure the selected photopolymer.

The team explored the feasibility of a top-down method that the projector was put above the bath of resin, and the platform moves down layer by layer. However the bottom-up method seems to be a better choice for more closely control the accuracy of the part, with that the platform starts at the bottom of the bath of resin and moves up layer by layer.

The project progress is monitored and reported in this blog. Currently the team has completed MSD I system level and detail design and planning and has ordered parts in preparation for MSD II, including integrated bath testing and fully integrated testing.








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