Mar.8, 2013

This Minigun weapon accessory for Transformers: Prime Powerizer Skyquake is just awesome! Created by fakebusker83, this Minigun features two posable handles, a rear and a forward handle so that the figures can hold it in different poses. And the 8 barrels rotate as well. At the side there is an auxiliary 5mm peg for use in storage on the figure's back.

The rear handle is secured to the weapon by a 3mm diameter pin. If you lose it you can always use a cyberverse weapon handle as a makeshift solution.

The minigun is 3D printed at Shapeways in White Strong and Flexible. Check out how awesome it looks like:

(Images credit: fakebusker83)

Emgo posted recently a review of this 3D printed Skyquake's massive minigun, which is fully painted by Deviacon, a truly amazing thing. Watch this great review below:







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matthew wrote at 3/23/2013 7:36:32 PM:

cool cool cool

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