Mar.9, 2013

A new interdisciplinary manufacturing venture called the Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMTecH) group was formed at the University of Iowa College of Engineering's Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD) to design, create, and test—both virtually and physically—a wide variety of electromechanical and biomedical components, systems and processes.

Currently, the group is working on projects ranging from printed circuit boards for automobiles and aircraft to replacement parts for damaged and failing human organs and tissue, says Tim Marler, AMTecH co-director.

Led by AMTecH co-director Ibrahim Ozbolat, the team is working on biomanufacturing aiming to create functioning human organs in five or ten years from now. Using its facilities for engineering living tissue systems, the Biomanufacturing Laboratory is developing and refining various 3D printing processes required for organ and tissue fabrication.

"One of the most promising research activities is bioprinting a glucose-sensitive pancreatic organ that can be grown in a lab and transplanted anywhere inside the body to regulate the glucose level of blood," says Ozbolat. He adds that the 3D printing, as well as virtual electronic manufacturing, being conducted at AMTecH are done no where else in Iowa.

"When you look at the U.S. manufacturing environment and relevant technology, this is a perfect time to launch AMTecH," says Marler, who also serves as associate research scientist at CCAD and senior research scientist at CCAD's renowned Virtual Soldier Research program.

In the video below Howard Chen, doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and developer of the multi-arm bioprinter, builds multicellular structures using the 3D printer.







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