Mar.10, 2013

re:3D, an Austin based start-up wants to bring affordable large format 3D printers to the market, allowing people to make large format objects such as composting toilets, custom train sets, custom packaging materials, rapid prototyping of prosthetics and/or large volumes of small 3D printed objects.

Co-founder Matthew Fiedler has 15 years of experience in engineering, biomechanics and technology. He worked at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas and met Samantha Lynne Snabes there, co-founder of re:3D. In November 2012 the team was accepted into Round 6 of StartUp Chile, a Chilean Government program that recruits early stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap startups in Chile. That was the time the team began to put their plan into action.

Their first 3D printer, the Gigabot features 600mm x 600mm x 600mm build envelope (24" x 24" x 24") and rigid aluminum extrusion frame. It uses makerslide aluminum extrusion for the frame and bearing surface, the Azteeg X3 for electronic control for future expansion, honeycomb aluminum build surface for stability and custom designed and milled aluminum bits.


  • Build envelope: 600mm x 600mm x 600mm (24" x 24" x 24")
  • Build volume: 216,000 cm3
  • Layer resolution: 100 micron layer
  • Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) using 1.75 or 3mm PLA and ABS filament
  • Azteeg X3 Printer Controller
  • Open construction
  • open source software

The Gigabot is now launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. For $2,500 you will receive all of the parts you need to build your own Gigabot, including 5lbs of PLA filament. The estimated delivery is around Oct 2013. However if you are located outside the US, you might need to pay another $1,500 for the shipping.

Check out more information on Kickstarter and watch the video below the Gigabot in action.





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Billy Chou wrote at 8/18/2013 8:21:36 AM:

Dear Sir I sent a mail ,and wanted to buy your printer. But , they only answer the my question of the air freight yo Taiwan. And then , there is no any reply for the delivery and price. Your print is a real madter piece in the field, and this huge printer is so helful for our business in the near future. I really hope you could be kindly reply my mail this time. Thanks and besr regards Billy Chou

An0n wrote at 3/11/2013 11:04:33 AM:

Yes, the 1000+$ shipping rates applies to installation-demo and training class pledge. They want to keep it strictly-US... so be it!

H. Smith. wrote at 3/10/2013 10:14:21 PM:

Nice if you didn't deliberately exclude international buys with that exorbitant shipping price... did some research, I could get a fully laden car shipped over for that.

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