Mar.18, 2013

How to scan the object for 3D printing in a cheaper way? Moedls, short for Mobile 3D Laser Scanner, is an app which runs on a smartphone and can do high level 3D scanning.

Together with a rotating platform and line laser, you will be able to scan an object and convert it into a point cloud and/or 3D model. Inventor John Fehr said the project was started for capturing his daughter's art sculptures. But now he hopes to make mobile 3D scanning available for everyone.

Moedls is currently live on Kickstarter for crowdfunding the production of Moedls laser scanners. Fehr has specially designed a rotating platform, a vinyl turntable for smooth spinning. It has guide markers for aligning the camera and laser, and a built-in easy and accurate angle measurement.

And each laser comes in a custom enclosure with a 2.1mm power plug as well as an external 2-AA battery power supply with on/off switch.

There are different reward levels on Kickstarter. For example, if you pledge $299 you will receive an "Early Backer Advanced Scanner", including Moedls Platform with Moedls Phone Holder, Red and Green Lasers, and three Moedls suction cup mounts, plus the Zombie Shooter Cup.

The dual laser option makes it possible to remove most dark spots that the single laser version misses due to obstructing object features.

The phone holder could grip your phone tightly so it stays aligned with the platform. The suction cup tripod mount has specially designed arms for easily adjusting the laser and device.

The differences between the reward levels is the number, color and quality of the lasers, so if you pledge $449 you can get Pro Red and Green Lasers instead.

Check Fehr's kickstarter video below:






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alan wrote at 9/27/2014 7:45:23 AM:

Thank you Thank you Thank you so very very much! I've the ability to scan objects now with a high definition and for such a low cost.I bought the app and made the platform and laser setup from your instructions and was amazed at how well the process works. Although the program is amazing and straight forward to use I was never convinced of what quality was achievable untill I scanned.although clear instructions are given on how to use the program I feel a dummies prompt guide would be useful (with pop up instructions).When viewing the scan I found it would be useful to be able to move the whole scan on a vertical and horizontal plane so as to be able to view in closer detail the top or bottom of the scan when zoomed in at a higher magnification, to be able to off center the center point of the scan in a vertical or horizontal plane.If only I knew how good this setup was I would have bought sooner.I read somewhere about Mo3dls, something like " sounds good but a bit pricey"!asshole.people are stupid.Thank you again and I hope all goes well

Steve wrote at 6/11/2014 10:52:36 PM:

It Sems, that red. Laser will not work correctly.

Max wrote at 5/9/2014 5:53:14 AM:

It doesn't work for me either.

Erik wrote at 2/8/2014 10:25:53 AM:

Hi there, Is it just me or does the red line laser actually not work with this app??

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