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3D printing obtains a more and more prominent role in the furniture and decoration industry. Additive manufacturing projects are greatly propagated at architecture and designing fairs. At the 8th biennale internationale design saint-etienne event French studio NoDesign showcased WaElice, a 3D printed interactive modular wall-lamp.

WaElice presented at biennale international design saint-etienne

WaElice includes an interactive system of light modules. Each of the elements contains an IP address so that the light modules are interconnected like a computer network. It allows a user to freely adjust the brightness and color of each module.

The modules are equipped with their own IP address

Controlling of the lamp can be done remotely via a smart phone or directly by a simple gesture via sensors inside. During the worldwide Windows8 presentation in Paris, NoDesign showcased how to completely control WaElice with a tablet. Colors and brightness can be easily set, see the video below.

WaElice is easily controlled

The project offers varies connectors so that one can build up his own 'WaElice' lamp with own unique combination.

Connectors providing the links between different modules

3D printed stem modules of WaElice are flexible

Uros Petrevsky from NoDesign explained 3D printing came as a spontaneous solution for the production of WaElice. 3D printing is a great way to integrate LEDs and sensors in the design, said Petrevsky.

This exceptional 3D-printed wall-lamp emphasizes the importance of personalization and uniqueness. 3D printing allows functional designs to be turned out in a few hours, designers no longer have to rely on other companies to manufacture their ideas.


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