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Everyone who ever attended a professional trade show can only confirm the importance of corporate give-away gifts to attract people at the stands. For items which are designed as gimmicks, one can be surprised by so much underlying creativity.

And what for? Corporate gifts certainly provide the best baits to catch customer’s attention and to leave a trace by being stamped with the company logo or anything related to its business.

Whether this gift will eventually remain in a professional hand or land into those of customer’s relatives, this is another story.

One can also imagine that, for companies, designing new and eye-catching items every year can be a real brainteaser…

The Dutch company 3Dwergen sensed this challenge and the potential lying behind. They made this “niche” market its specialty business using the 3D printing technology. Not surprisingly, its founder Nanning de Jong used to work as a consultant in business innovation and is fascinated by the developments in the 3D printing market.

In the ever changing and competitive business world, where bringing differentiation is crucial, 3Dwergen’s mission stands out: “We design and make exclusive and unique gifts with 3D printers. Designs are now possible that will surprise you! This helps our customers to differentiate themselves in the media and the market by offering innovative marketing tools!”.

For any interested customer, the process is pretty straight forward:

Once the idea is defined by customer, 3Dwergen creates a 3D concept which is then discussed by both parties. The right material is also chosen at this stage. Then follows the 3D design phase, where 3Dwergen makes a final 3D design (a digital CAD-drawing). Last, the 3D printing takes place, which brings the actual object to life.

The following video demonstrates all steps involved in collaborating with 3Dwergen, from conception to 3D birth:


Resoluut, one of 3Dwergen's client, used to present itself with their own cartoons of action heroes and wondered whether those 2D cartoons could come to life even more as physical figures. In short, a more original and innovative way to present Resoluut to its customers and network! The action hero figures would become their new business cards. 3Dwergen was the perfect match for this idea.

3Dwergen took the twelve existing 2D cartoons of Resoluut as a basis to create 3D models of the action heroes. Every employee at Resoluut has his/her own action hero. Much attention was paid to the proportions and postures to retain the original style. The back and side views of the models still had to be imagined. Then the 3D models were 3D printed full color as small statues.

(Images credit: 3Dwergen / Resoluut)






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