Mar.21, 2013

The 3D-printable GLaDOS lamp by Instructables user dragonator is an interesting concept: it is a 3D printable model of GlaDOS that functions as a ceiling lamp and can be converted into a robotic arm, With a superled in the eye.

GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system responsible for testing and maintenance in Aperture Science research facility in the video game Portal and Portal 2.

dragonator uploaded full instructions on how to make this lamp on instructables for entering the UP! contest and in the lamps and lights contest. Due to shortage of time and overheating problem the robot arm doesn't function properly. However if you do not plan to use this as a moving arm, dragonator has also designed parts to replace the servo's and moving parts. So before dragonator figures out a working robotic arm you can skip most of the wiring and only use it as a lamp.

To make this lamp you will need a 3D printer, tools, accessories, electronics and a lot of time. First you need between 40 and 60 hours to get all the parts printed. To make your own personal GlaDOS look extra awesome, you will need to sand and paint the printed parts. This will remove most of the visible printing lines and give all of the parts the right color. After sanding, you have to prime and paint them. Then you can start with assembling the base and the body of GlaDOS and afterwards wire it up and mount it to ceiling.

(Images credit: dragonator)

dragonator used a UP! 3D printer so this lamp is designed around the limits of this printer. He used 8 3W warm white leds and one orange 3W led for the eye. The moving arm used 2 608 bearings for the arm to rotate and also requires 3 micro servo's, and a beefy normal servo.

"This project has taken me a month start to finish. I would have had a far better result if I had taken a few months more for it all." said dragonator.

"Not testing the electronics was one of my bigger mistakes. Finding out that components just can't handle the power really sucks if you have the arm in final assembly and are two days until your deadline.""Using the cheapest of cheap servo's has really been a letdown." dragonator was not satisfied because he didn't plan well and that has caused him to seriously misjudge a lot of thing.

But "most lessons are learned while making mistakes. You haven't failed if you have made a mistake, you have just found a way how not to do it." and "I still got one of the coolest lamps in existence." he said.

So when he finally figure out how to make the robotic arm moving, there will be some updates. Before that, if you love this project you can download all the files on Thingverse to make this lamp. You can also find a step by step instructables here.





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Almteq wrote at 5/21/2013 8:33:26 PM:

By the way, he was one of the winners of the contest and now owns an Up Plus. Congrats Dragonator!

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