Mar.22, 2013

Tony May from RepRaptech has been 3D printing with a RepRap Prusa for a year and found that for making reliable and excellent output quality print jobs you need to have a better hot end. So he came up with an alternative to existing hot ends: RepRap 3D printing Therminator 5 hot end for printing bigger and faster prints.

Therminator Hot End Kit

The Therminator 5 hot end is a simple 5 piece construction. It has a larger heat zone for temp stabilization and brass heater block for optimal heat transfer. It features:

  • PEEK body instead of PTFE for higher temperature resistance
  • Double heat power resisters for fast heat-up
  • A larger heat zone for temp stabilization
  • The nozzle comes off without taking the extruder or hot end apart
  • 0.5mm or 0.35mm nozzle selection

The Therminator 5 hot end is for use with 3mm filament. 1.75mm filament can be used by changing the inner PTFE tube. And the mount is common for most RepRap Mendel and Prusa extruders.

The Therminator 5 is claimed to be a choice for fast printing, less clogging and stable heat control. If you would like to try it out, you may want to check their Kickstarter page. By pledging $65 you will receive a complete Therminator 5 kit with everything you need to assemble a Therminator Hot End.

The hot end will be installed on RepRaptech's next project a marketable version of the Stretch Prusa Air which prints double the height of printers.


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Tony May wrote at 5/30/2013 3:02:56 AM:

Turns out johnoly99 thinks he is the RepRap mafia. Bought a few parts from him and he decided he owns every design on the web. We will not be using anything from SeemeCNC as he is a egomaniac and thinks he owns the reprap community. Make our own nozzles now better than his. Thats that.

Tony May wrote at 3/27/2013 9:33:01 PM:

Hey guys, Open source is open source so I will be posting the entire design , including a how to make one video. Actually I am working on instructions if you want to make your own home version of the hotend You will need to do some drilling and tapping It will look much like a boxy old Volvo station wagon but it will do the job. Lets all get along and promote each others work it will be best for the technology.

johnoly99 wrote at 3/24/2013 2:39:41 PM:

Mike, thats how its supposed to work, so, technically, fail on your part. This is a glaringly obvious derivitive of our hot end, and a jhead barrel, he even mentions jheads? But, he doesnt mention anything about our hotend, however most of his claims of why "his" new hotend is better are features that already have existed in our design for iver a year, and he is even buying parts from us ti make HIS! Well, was anyways. Dont think ill be shipping anything else ti his address If you cannot look at that hotend, and then ours, and see the connection, even with your lack of comprehension, then you prib shouldnt be blabbering on the internet. It only shows how little you know about OS work. You have to give credit to where your work was deruved from, as well as releasung yiur changes under similar lucensing. But OP is only giving the source files to those who cintribute to the highest perk? Come on dude, common sense

mike.lenczewski wrote at 3/24/2013 9:01:16 AM:

Um, no.. That's not how Open Source works, johnoly99. Tony saw an opportunity for improvement and capitalized on it. The only credit that is due back to you is whatever you charge for your nozzles. There's no ripping anyone off as long as Tony paid you for the merchandise that you provided. Besides, there's really nothing special about these nozzles you designed anyway. You didn't INVENT anything. Did caveman Grok get mad at Ugh when Ugh made his own wheel? Did Al Gore really invent the internet? Come to think of it I might get a simple lathe and cut my OWN nozzles and under cut you. I'll accredit you all you want. LOLZY!

johnoly99 wrote at 3/23/2013 8:48:09 PM:

Tony, I'd really rather part on good terms here bud. You say you havn't seen the hotend I mentioned? How is that possible then, that you have ordered hotend parts from our site on several different occasions, including just yesterday? You have purchased many of our nozzles, since back in august of last year, and your photos on your kickstarter campaign are of our nozzles you purchased from us? Is it safe to assue then that the nozzles you ordered yesterday are for your indiegogo perks, and were planning on shipping your hotends with our parts, and not accrediting us? We all make mistakes when we grow up in the OS community, and I've tried to reach out to you and lend a helping hand, but you havn't responded, so I have to call you out on your bluff. To anyone reading this, therminator uses nozzles designed and even manufactured by us, not him. As well as ripping of some of our contributions to hotend desings in the OS community such as dual resistors in the hotend, round lower heater block design and the obvious nozzle issues. I've been very fair, and waited for over a day before posting this. With no repsonse, i'm pretty bummed that therminator tried to clone two products into one without giving attribution, to GPL designs. Lastly, using the company name repraptech (obviously inspired by which is synonymous with open source, it's rather baffling that you are charging for your design files in your top level perk, esp. considering you are ripping off others work John Oly SeeMeCNC

Tony May wrote at 3/22/2013 9:12:56 PM:

Hi I just read the news post and the comments. As the Therminator Project creator I can say that had not seen the hot end your talking about. I do not want to take credit for something that was already shared, my claims are for the ends I had used and the observations I had when designing the therm5. The J-head for example clogged and cracked on me the first week. I used J-heads , and a few off brand ones I got from ebay. The 2 heat resisters just made sense and worked well in testing so thats what I went with. Actually I did not think anyone would want to bother with the extra wires and resisters. I didnt like the idea of all the heat on one side from the start. The brass was a buck more and the Thermal Conductivity - k was easier to reference for me actually pure aluminum has as high a k value but I was not able to reference specifics on the different alloy. I was told brass was more durable for high temp applications over time from a person in the heat exchange business. Let me know what credit you would like will put it on the project. As a maker myself the community is the big picture and important.

johnoly99 wrote at 3/22/2013 8:00:37 PM:

And BTW, the campaign lists the CAD files only available if you purchase the higher perk reward amount. Not cool, especially as the business name is repraptech? Source files for our oddly similar hotend? are available

johnoly99 wrote at 3/22/2013 7:45:00 PM:

David, I didn't say it was those exact parts, merely said it looks like them, in which case, there are some OBVIOUS attributions needed, as that's all we (OSHW guys) want when someone copies our designs, either in whole, or in part. I'm simply asking for credit where it is due, notice his claims: The new design is a tested and validated improvement on several currently existing designs. The primary improvements of the design are: A larger heat zone for temp stabilization. (from the pics ours has a larger heat zone, but?) Machined brass for better heat transfer and durability. (Also increases cost at no gain in performance) Double heat power resisters for fast heat -up and heat zone stability for fast print jobs. (We've been using this exact design, and only us, since Oct. 2011) A thicker insulator (PEEK) for heat isolation and durability. (We've used PEEK with the largest thermal break other than J-heads forever now) Only has five total parts making it very easy to maintain (ours has 6 if you count the attachment nut?) The nozzle comes off without taking the extruder or hot end apart. (Once again, many other designs do this, not just ours) We are able to machine the PEEK insulator on our in house lathe. (As are we, we machine every component other than nuts/bolts for all our kits) Uses nozzles that are always available and cost less than other nozzles you have to buy (if in stock) (we always have nozzles in stock, so do many others, although some do not, i agree) The mount is common for most RepRap Mendel and Prusa extruders. (This one is a truth, ours needs a 7/16" hole drilled in any 'ol flat plate for other machines besides ours) Now, since 6 of the 8 claims we offer, or were the first to share with the community, I would expect some sort of tip of the hat, that's all. I wish him well on his venture, but also respect others work that we build upon.

David Elders wrote at 3/22/2013 6:29:34 PM:

As a supporter of the project I don't really see that its the same design. Lets see whats the same wow thats not the Jhead PEEK barrel it is made in house and is thicker and shorter Heater core brass not aluminum one piece Teflon tube not 2 - not the same No aluminum bolt or PTC fitting on top wow not the same Brass thread connecting PEEK and heater block wow not the same. Less parts oops not the same different resister values - not the same the same: The nozzle

johnoly99 wrote at 3/22/2013 3:15:58 PM:

Wow, that looks like a J head peek barrel with our hotend, check out Its the same basic design weve been using for almost 2 years now, even the nozzle? Show some cred man, play nice

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