Mar.24, 2013

Last time we saw Neil Underwood's method on how to get a smooth surface of ABS 3D printed parts. A few readers were concerned about the safety of this method and if it could catch fire. In the video below Bracken and James from the Southackton hackerspace test acetone vapour smoothing of ABS 3D printed parts, including safety testing to see what the worst case is if everything catches fire. With the amount of acetone they used it is still safe to do the experiement.

James and Bracken heat acetone until it forms the vapor, then placing two ABS parts in the can to get the vapor bath for one hour or bit longer. The method can cause the object loosing some shape, but the result is very nice, smooth and shining. This fixes a problem of poor surface finish with 3d printing.



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WDunn wrote at 6/14/2013 4:30:26 PM:

you guys should really give credit to the guys who developed this Autin Wilson and Neil Underwood

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