Mar.27, 2013

Ever want to create and customize your own smartphone or tablet case with latest style? Founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs Koen Munneke and Vincent van de Poll in 2012, UCreate3D will be a multilingual global platform that allows anyone to create your own 3D Printed case for your smartphones & tablets. You can simply design your own case, customize it with your favorite quote, group name, logo, image and your name.

It all started when Koen couldn't find a nice case for his HTC Sensation. The two ambitious young men wanted to create awesome cases for every available smartphone and tablet device on the market. They set up the company, and Koen is running offices in Hong Kong and is responsible for production, while Vincent is in San Francisco to focus on sales and E-Commerce.

Using a switchable panels concept, you can just create a new panel every time when you need a new style to match your mood, dress or outfit, or to support your favorite sports team, surprise your friend and family and promote your business.

iPhone 4 Caribbean Blue with Switchable Panel

All the cases will be 3D printered and coated for protection. They will be available in 7 colors, Juicy Orange (- Dutch orange for World Cup in 2014?), Pretty in Pink, District Red, Batman Black, Go Green, Sterling Silver, Caribbean Blue.

UCreate3D launched an IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign for starting a webshop and developing cases for more devices. Right now anyone can pre-order their cases and once the webshop is online, somewhen in June, backers can design and customerize their own cases online, and in two weeks they can receive their customized cases. "If Apple releases the iPhone in June, we will be the first with a customizable case", says the team.

Currently the cases are available for these devices:

A: Smartphones

Apple iPhone 4(s) & 5
Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 & Note II
Nokia Lumia 820
HTC One, 8X & Sensation
LG Optimus G
BlackBerry Z10
Sony Xperia Z

B: Tablets

Apple iPad 2, 3 & Mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab Note 10.1 & Tab 2
Blackberry Playbook

The smartphone case will cost $39, and tablet case $79. For "Early Hero" you can get a 3D printed smartphone case with 1 extra back panel for $39. If you are one of the angels that back the team for $1,500, you will get 1 limited edition case per year for the rest of your life. ;-)

The team's IndieGoGo campaign looks good up to now: In one day they have raised $11,533 of their $20,000 Goal.

Watch the video below the introduction of the IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign.


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Mitchmann wrote at 3/30/2013 7:48:24 PM:

Nice. It would be really cool to interactively "sculpt" the cover to give it a "constrained within limits" shape. Keep the mounting points, the camera holes, not let it go too negative to interfere with the inner parts, but allow for a different shape... then offset the graphic from there.

eduardo wrote at 3/30/2013 5:52:22 PM:

anybody know what they are coated with?

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