April 3, 2013

With the cost of 3D printers more affordable than ever, more creative and useful products can be made at home. Last year Paris-based industrial designer JC Karich impressed us with his 3D printed ear adapter that allows you to plug the buds into the slots and wear the device over your head. This year he has created a new project to further experiment with 3D printing.

JC Karich has posted his new project "low fi high tech headphones" online. It is a research project to "find out a way to create a fully functional pair of audio headphones without any manufactured part". It means except wire, tape, solder and magnets all parts can be 3D printed at home, including 2 ear parts, 2 speaker parts, 1 headband and 2 extension bands.

The most challenging part was to make the right combination of 3D printed elements. For example the ear parts had to be a good acoustic case and should include a holder for the magnet. The speaker itself was printed with a very thin rail where the copper wire could be inserted. says JC Karich.

Once I got that part working, I decided to go further to draw the plug to fit a standard Jack connector. This was a very tricky part because the model was printed very thin and creating the connections only with wire was a real challenge. adds JC Karich.

The head band is 3D printed using a flexible, lighter and spring structured material

Watch the video below a working prototype of the 3D printed headphone. The sound quality is very nice and it is recommended to use a power amplifier when using only portable sources like pods or phones.

(Images credit: JC Karich)

This design is open source that you can download the 3D file on Thingiverse and make a pair of your own.




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jc wrote at 4/5/2013 10:46:11 PM:

half by weight? really doubt it

JD90 wrote at 4/3/2013 11:19:05 PM:

"It means except wire, tape, solder and magnets" In other words, half of the item by weight is conventionally manufactured.

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