April 4, 2013

It can be really hard for a user with little industrial knowledge to develop their idea into a prototyped product. But company Miproto will help you to bring your product idea to market. "We design, develop and prototype your product ideas through the internet. "says Josh Valman, Managing Director at UK-based Miproto, a 18 year old entrepreneur.

Miproto is a web based product design, development and prototyping platform. The concept is based around making product design more accessible to the people with ideas.

The service will require no experience, only a feasible product idea. You can upload your idea to your account on Miproto, the team will then break it down into individually payable tasks. They will turn your uploaded information and sketches into a 3D CAD model and print out a physical model on a 3D printer. The design can be further refined and developed according to your requirement, and you will also be able to view and download the 3D model from the account. Then a sample based on the revised model can be 3D printed and sent to you.

When needed, the company will make final changes to the model focusing on how it will be produced in the factory; the processes, the finishes and how it will be assembled.

Finally when the design is approved, you can order up to 10,000 production samples. Miproto will produce the product in their factory facility (currently in Shenzhen, China) and ship to you.

In addition Miproto provides also services for product patent search and filing a patent for your product.

Currently Miproto is able to prototype mechanical and electronic projects, such as mobile phones, but only for shape. Prices are dependent on the project and design. According to Valman, to create a basic 3D CAD model and 3D printed physical prototype will cost less than £500.



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