April 9, 2013

Vegas-based Sarah Petkus, a maker and graphic designer, have made a wide variety of outlets ranging from mask making to electronics/robotics.


Sarah's new "delta-bot" is named Jeden, after the Polish word for 'one'. Jeden is based on a previous version, but instead of sourcing each part from local stores, Sarah has figured out how to make 3D models of the parts she needs and 3D printed them out on a Replicator 2 3D printer.

"I'm printing my robots like a more civilized maker. I've also departed from relying on hobby parts for the joints due to my friend Mark's ingenious idea to implement ball bearings into the design. This allows the robot to be free of heinous amounts of nuts and screws as well as any additional bought items." says Sarah.

Watch the videos below showing Sarah's first working prototype made completely from 3D printed parts and ball bearings.


The images below is the second robot, Jeden's twin "Krux", which uses the same set of 3D printed parts (but with shiny florescent arms) and assembled using some old donated servos.

So far, it looks like 0 and 180 are opposite of what I anticipated… meaning the arms will go in the opposite direction they are suppose to when I use my GUI. =[ I could just flip the servos around... and the mounting board.... but I don't feel like unscrewing everything right now. Besides, I ran into another problem : since these servos were donated, I lack the correct servo horns to bridge my paddle arms to the gear shaft. I tried printing a close proximity that fit tightly (and I mean really tight) onto the gear shaft... but it seems that without the matching teeth to grip onto it... the thing is destined to slip no matter what. Too bad the gear teeth are too small a resolution to print, otherwise I'd have added them in.

(images credit: Sarah Petkus)

The second robot "Krux" is still under development, and up to now Sarah has made a lot progress with robot prototype made completely from 3D printed parts and ball bearings. If you haven't seen what she has been up to or would like to follow her progress, check out her robot blog here.


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jared wrote at 4/27/2015 2:20:41 AM:

why is it upside down?

Krux wrote at 4/13/2013 9:40:19 AM:

Heh... actually "Krux" is me, her boyfriend.. The second robot's name is "Sznurek" which is Polish for string or twine. I also make robots, the most famous of which is Project Nomad, which you can see over at the SYN Shop youtube channel "synshop" as well as my blog https://synshop.org/blog/krux

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