April 23, 2013

Say goodbye to dead cell phones and wall chargers. Ideation Designs LLC launched Infinity Cell, the first kinetic charger for your smart phone.

The Infinity Cell is a rectangle 3D printed plastic case attached to the back of your smart phone. It could continuously generate power from your body's movement and delivers it straight to your smart phone. For example, when you shake the Infinity Cell for 30 minutes, your iPhone can receive a 20 percent charge. And when you shake it for three hours, your iPhone will receive a full charge. But nobody wants to shake his iPhone for 3 hours, so the company's future plan is to optimize the process to charge the smart phone simply by the slightest bit of movement.

Technical Summary

Infinity Cell is comprised of over 7 main components which include a total of approximately 100 sub components. We designed the Infinity Cell so the internal magnetic components are neutrally buoyant within the generator cavity to take advantage of any small or large motion, converting it into usable electrical energy. Ideation uses a special technology with a nickel/ copper foil to dampen any magnetic field that Infinity Cell omits.


Infinity Cell's electrical design is capable of taking the varying voltage and current output which fluctuates between 2V and 12V and converts it to steady 5V at 200 to 500mA.

  • Voltage output: ~ 12 V
  • DC Current output: ~ 200 - 500mAh
  • Dimension: 4.8in X 2.45in X 0.6in, 122mm X 62mm X 15mm
  • Weight: ~4.6 ounces, ~130 grams

The company is also planning to release an Infinity Cell iOS app that could track your energy saving and carbon offset, earn badges as the user reaches different rankings.

Ideation Designs LLC is seeking funds to build their first finished product through Kickstarter campaign. For $125 you will receive an Infinity Cell from the first production run. (for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S only)


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