April 23, 2013

The main goal of data visualization is to communicate information effectively through graphical means. It is not necessary that data visualization should be something boring: on the contrary it can look beautiful and informative.

To convey information effectively, Copenhagen-based Andrew Spitz, a sound designer, interaction designer and programmer, built an app in Max/MSP that collects travel information.

Through this custom software, the user is able to select or import specific flights that matter to them, such as a honey moon, a summer vacation through Europe or all of their flights from a given year.

The software then generates a file for 3D printing, so that the user can either print it themselves or use services from 3D printing companies.

This 3D printed sculpture is called loci, and each loci is a unique object bespoke to someone's flights spurring recollection, reflection and conversation about their travels.

Each loci comes also with a card displaying information on a map, such as all the airports flown to, the total distance travelled, the number of flights taken, etc. The sculpture can be placed on this card to help visualize their travels.

(Images: Andrew Spitz)

Spitz's plan is to include the software directly in an iPhone app he co-created called Flying to track one's flights. In the future the user can just create a loci directly from the app.


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