April 24, 2013

American Graphite Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: AGIN), a mineral exploration and technology development company, announces Letter of Intent with a European institute for research and development collaboration for 3D printing.

American Graphite Technologies, in collaboration with the National Academy of Science of Ukraine; National Science Centre; Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology ("KIPT"), Kharkov, Ukraine, will research the properties of graphene contained matter as working material for 3D printing. More details will be released shortly.

Graphene is a nano-material directly derived from graphite. It is a single layer of carbon only one atom thick, and it is very cheap. Graphene has been described as the "miracle material" of the 21st Century. According to mechanical engineering professor James Hone, of Columbia University, graphene is strongest material ever measured, some 200 times stronger than structural steel.

In addition, Graphene is ultra thin, transparent, flexible and electrically conductive. Because of these remarkable properties Graphene can be used to make excellent transistors, gas sensors, lower cost solar cells and display screens in mobile devices etc.

Watch below the short film produced by the European Graphene-Flagship initiative, "introducing graphene".




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Camerique wrote at 10/11/2013 8:39:58 PM:

Transparent aluminum, Scotty!

TechMonkey wrote at 7/28/2013 3:23:18 PM:

There is an increasing discussion about a graphene on past few years as it's becoming future wonder material with endless possibilities of usage and low production costs - source: http://www.nano-man.co.uk/Nano/Environment/Direct_nitrogen_fixation_on_graphene_for_low_cost_energy_conversion.html http://www.nano-man.co.uk/Nano/Electronics/Just_an_atom_thick_and_200_times_stronger_than_steel_and_a_near-perfect_conductor.html

CornGolem wrote at 4/25/2013 1:20:35 AM:

If graphene itself is an amazing material then how will be the stuff we're going to print with it ?!

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