April 24, 2013

Like the Raspberry Pi, cheap single-board computers are garnering all sorts of attention these days.

Open-source hardware outfit BeagleBoard announced new BeagleBone Black, an open-source Linux computer for developers and hobbyists.

Taking popular features from the original $89 BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black features a 1GHz Sitara AM335x Cortex A8 ARM processor from Texas Instruments and adds additional features and performance with 3D graphics accelerator, a pair of PRU 32-bit RISC CPUs, 2GB of storage, a microSD slot alongside 512MB of RAM.

Linux and Cloud9 IDE are preloaded onto this BeagleBoard, so it frees up its microSD Card slot for whatever you need. The Black comes with support for Ethernet, micro-HDMI, and USB that offers connectivity to all devices.

The board also has expansion headers for hooking the Black up to external electronics, including 65 digital I/O connectors, seven analog ones, four serial ports, and eight pulse-width modulators.

About the size of a credit card, BeagleBone Black will fit within your palm. It's being priced at just $45, in comparison to $35 Raspberry Pi, the BeagleBone Black costs $10 more as it comes bundled with power supply and network cable.

BeagleBone Black could be operated stand-alone or in conjunction with another computer. You can connect the device to 3D printers - there are more than 30 "capes," or plug-in boards compatible with the BeagleBone Black.



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