April 24, 2013

Zach Hoeken Smith has just launched the latest version of BotQueue, v0.3, that adds some new features to make it much nicer to use.

BotQueue.com is an open source platform designed for controlling your 3D printer(s) over the internet.

It is a clever distributed manufacturing software that lets you control multiple 3D printers through a simple web interface. It integrates slicing (via Slic3r) with slice config profile management, provides a high-level queue management system for controlling what to print, and it runs on Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

The biggest new feature added to BotQueue v3.0 is webcam support.

The BotQueue client, Bumblebee, can now grab webcam images and upload them to the BotQueue site. This allows you to be able to see whats happening on your bot through the BotQueue.com website. You can see how your bot is printing from any device (computer, phone, tablet, etc) from anywhere in the world.

Back in early April, Hoeken has released some updates such as more robust Bumblebee, cancel jobs from the web, new dashboard, temperature logging and Raspberry Pi support. In the latest BotQueue v0.3 Hoeken has again added more exciting features:

Job pausing - allows you to pause and unpause a job from the BotQueue.com website.

Bot and User Leaderboard - a leaderboard for both bots and users on BotQueue stats page.

Job Commenting - Now you can make a comment on any job, use it for making notes on output quality, or just helping you keep track of your job.

Read more on Hoeken's site.


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CornGolem wrote at 4/25/2013 3:44:19 AM:

Just what I needed

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