April 26, 2013

After the successful campaign on IndieGoGo to raise funds for his affordable HD SLA 3D printer, Cyrus based maker Demetris Ruslan Zavorotnitsienko has finally got the machine ready.

This HD SLA 3D printer, named as Ilios HD Kit was initially designed for mechanical applications aiming to produce high precision objects. Using Stereolithography technology, the printer employs a vat of liquid photopolymer "resin" and a laser to build parts' layers one at a time. The benefits of this technique are the speed and the highly detailed results.

The open source Ilios HD Kit is assembled entirely from aluminum components and hardened steel parts which can be easily rearranged in any needed configuration. You can also altering the projector or adjust the build area for small objects as well as large ones.

For getting a smooth result the Ilios Kit provides two separate motions with the help from three motors. The two of them are used to lift the build platform from the material. The third motor is used to tilt the material container and detach each layer from the surface, without force or destruction to the layer it self. It is also possible to change the default motor configuration and mount different types of electronics, for even greater resolution.

Based on your budget you could choose to use not just one but two projectors for larger build areas without modifying the overall design. Based on your projection, you can choose the projection base that suits you best.


  • Maximum VAT Area: 30cm x 30cm (X and Y)
  • Maximum Lifting distance: 20cm (Z axis)
  • Starting Layer Resolution: 0.0125mm (12.5 micron) with Full Step Motor Configuration
  • Metal Ball Bearing Spindle Resolution: 2.5mm Pitch
  • Repeat Accuracy: Less than 0.01mm on a length of 300mm
  • Motor Maximum Resolution: 1/16 of a Step
  • Motor Specifications: Nema 23, 4 lead Bipolar, 3A, Step Angle - 1.8deg, 270oz.in
  • Control Circuit: 3 Stepper Motor Control (4 Leads) - 3.5A, 1 Relay Control, 4 Additional Inputs
  • Electronic Features: Selectable Decay, Selectable Micro-stepping (up to 16m-steps)
  • Power Supply: 350W, 24VDC/14.6A
  • Assembled Kit Dimensions: ~60cm (L) x ~50cm (W) x ~120cm (H)

The first Ilios 3D printer is shipped out its back on April 22. Ilios HD Kit is currently listed in Demetris' webshop for €3,210.

Detailed description of the machine and assembly instructions can be found on his website.

Watch the video below the Ilios HD Kit in action.

Here is a 3D print made on the Ilios HD Kit. The model can be downloaded here.



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