May.2, 2013

UK maker Edward Clifford has been developing a low cost plastic extrusion system for many months now, and now he is in his final stages before completing a production unit.

The plastic extrusion system he is working on will allow you to extrude your own 3D printer filament at home. With this device you can now turn plastic pellets, colorants, additives, or scrap plastic, recycled old designs into useful materials.

Clifford wants to build a system which is low cost, easy to produce and assemble and able to extrude various plastics including ABS and PLA.

"I want anybody with basic workshop skills to be able to build this machine, at home, without any special tools or equipment." says Clifford. He will provide a complete build manual with step by step instructions and exploded diagrams when the campaign is ended.

Removable Nozzle

Up to now Clifford has succeeded with extruding filament using the prototype device and tested on his own MendelMax 3D printer. Clifford has launched his project on Kickstarter for raising funds for further development of his device. What's more to develop? "The motor drive train needs finalizing; the machine uses some considerable power; it will also feature a hopper lid to keep it dust free; or a reeling system to gather and reel up the extruded material... etc."

Several pledge options are available, a basic kit costs £220 (UK), £235 (EU), £265 (Worldwide), including a complete kit with all the components necessary to build a fully operational machine. The estimated delivery time is around Jun. 2013.

Check more here on the Kickstarter page.


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