May.7, 2013

In its ongoing pursuit of innovation, Lexus is pushing the boundaries of technology, craftsmanship and design. On May 1, Lexus launched a global advertising campaign with the theme "Amazing in Motion." 'Steps' is the first in a series of Amazing in Motion projects and features a larger-than-life human figures.

Produced by CHI & Partners 'Steps' tells the story of an 11-ft (3.35 m) tall figure brought to life by five puppeteers as it moves through the city at night in search of something. The puppet walks down crowded sidewalks feeling completely isolated. He lifts his head from his shoulders and sees another man also sitting alone in an office. Being depressed, he stands on the edge of a building thinking about a puppet suicide. But then he sees what he was searching for — a female puppet, same giant size as him. He walks down the street with her and together they do an amazing dance, full of joy.

"Steps" is directed by Daniel Kleinman, who also directs every James Bond opening title sequence since GoldenEye (with the exception of Quantum of Solace). High-technology 3D printing was combined with fine craftsmanship to create the figures. Lexus materials, including bamboo and walnut found in the interiors of Lexus cars, as well as Lexus exterior paint, were used to construct the figures. Thanks to advanced technology and smooth artistry of puppeteers, Kleinman was able to bring the figures to life and translate the tale into something visually impactful.

The beautiful song is Arethra Franklin's soul classic, 'I'm Wandering', covered by Kristina Train.

"This is part of the transformation of Lexus," said Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus International. "Lexus is expanding to a broad global audience. There's no better way to do that than through design. Great design transcends cultures and doesn't need any translation."

Watch the videos and the making process below:


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