May.13, 2013

California-based 3D printing technology company Layer By Layer has announced the launch of "Teleport It 3D", a new online file-sharing platform that lets users "teleport" ready-to-print 3D designs to anyone with a personal 3D printer.

To send a teleport, all you need is a 3D printable design file and a friend's email address. Teleport It 3D pre-slices all files on their servers using the open-source slicer Skeinforge. Once your teleport is ready for delivery, they send a confirmation email to you and an email with the telport link to the person you are teleporting to.

Teleport It 3D has developed a client-side TelePad software, a landing pad for receiving teleports. Before the recipients can receive teleports, they need to download TelePad. Then everytime when they receive a teleport, they just need to click "Transmit", TelePad will automatically open.

The recipients will be granted a number of prints or duration of time (which you choose) to print your design. They can use TelePad to view active teleports, select a printer, access basic printer settings such as extruder head selection or filament diameter and monitor teleport's print progress. When the print duration runs out, all they're left with is the teleported object you sent them – not the design file. The TelePad is designed to let the recipients get printing without any downloading, slicing, or transferring of files.

Operating Systems: Max OSX, Windows
Materials: PLA, ABS plastic
Slicers: Skeinforge
Design File Formats: .STL

TelePad is currently only compatible with Makerbot Replicators 1, 2, and 2X.

Teleport It 3D wants to change personal 3D printing by shifting the focus from digital designs to the physical products. "By sending pre-sliced, ready-to-print designs directly to users' 3D printers, we streamline and simplify the printing process while protecting designers' original files." says the team. "We made Teleport It 3D to be both fun and functional. Whether you are sharing mystery prints with your friends, sending a gift to somebody special, or protecting your valuable designs, we think Teleport It 3D has a lot of potential."


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Joe Larson wrote at 7/10/2013 5:37:07 PM:

Sarcastic huzzah, 3D printing has finally got DRM. Just what it never needed. For 30 years copy protection and DRM has demonstrated one thing, that copy protection and DRM is an inconvenience only to paying customers. DRM isn't a solution, DRM is the problem.

CornGolem wrote at 5/13/2013 10:16:10 PM:

I see, it's like renting a movie instead of buying it. There will be an STL library/marketplace and people will be able to print the model without getting the STL file.

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