May.20, 2013

A gun has been 3D printed that can actually fire a round. It is really tough now to control the gun and the bullets, since the bullet itself can just be made from anything like stone, ceramic, paper or plastics.

Early shotgun shells used brass cases. Today, modern shotgun shells typically consist of a plastic case, although in these there is a small metal ring cast into the rim of the shell to provide strength.

taofledermaus 3D print his own plastic shotgun slugs, with a spin on it to keep it balance. Watch the video below the tests of 3D printed bullets.



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SlipperyJim wrote at 5/28/2013 4:30:25 PM:

They'd have been better off moulding a solid plastic bullet from resin. Such a basic shape surely doesn't require 3D printing. Nice to see the dickhead approach to shooting close up at hard objects which can produce ricochets and shrapnel is alive and well. I was just waiting for some of the wire from the dart board or splinters from the wood to come flying back and take an eye out.

akka69 wrote at 5/24/2013 6:09:04 PM:

They should try something more elaborate like a "sabot" ammo

JD90 wrote at 5/22/2013 2:07:26 AM:

That was a bit sad. Clearly, none of those shown were worth the hour it takes to make the part.

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