May.20, 2013

Last November Bryan Salt of Thinker Thing in Santiago Chile announced that he was working on a software that allows the user to evolve 3d models with the power of thought. On 8th May 2013 George Lakowsky, CTO of Thinker Thing successfully created a real physical object with his mind.

Using an Emotiv Epoc neuroheadset Lakowsky was able to form a 3d shape by directing evolutionary mutations with his mind. This is a very simple 3D object but it's a breakthrough for this government funded project. "Education is not filling a bucket, its lighting a fire." said William Yeates. Thinker Thing aims to use their invention to light a fire of inspiration throughout the remote and often disadvantaged schools of South America.

"We expect children from different parts of the world will create vastly different creatures that, in some small way, reflect the environment in which they were born. This gave us our idea, to create a school outreach program and exhibition for the fantastical creatures these children create."

But how to create a real object with the mind?

First a user will be asked to wear an Epoc neural headset. Thinker Thing can then use it to detect the brain patterns of the user and transfer them to a computer. Based on these unique data their evolution system can "determine" the underlying DNA features that evoke responses and use that in a natural selection process to refine the next generation of objects.

In this way, over a short period, the user grows a model using their mind. The 3D model can then be made real with a standard 3D printer.

According to Thinker Thing, "the DNA seed defines the start point of an evolutionary chain for the object. Dinosaurs are very diverse, for example, but they can be traced back to a single common DNA ancestor. We create this first DNA definition as the first building block from which all future objects evolve. The DNA of the object is then mutated over each generation, and how well that new mutation does, whether it lives or dies, is determined by the mind."

The team launches an Indiegogo campaign hoping to raise enough funds to mount an exhibition of the creations of these children. "The exhibition will take you on a magical journey through the regions of Chile, introducing you to the 3D fantastical creatures the children of Chile created, their schools and the places where they live." says the team.

To check out details of the Indiegogo campaign or help Thinker Thing to inspire these visit the project page here.



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