May.22, 2013 | By Geraldine Bouvry

Father's Day is approaching. For mums who are tired of asking their kids to put together their best drawing skills and add one more doodle to daddy's already consequent collection, here is the appealing alternative proposed by Columbia, South Carolina based Doodlesculpt: to turn those drawings into 3D sculptures by using 3D printing technology.

For consumers, the steps to follow are extremely simple: kids first create their drawing. Once it is complete, it can be uploaded onto Doodlesculpt page from where the company creates then sends the 3D sculpture within 48 hours.

Note that sculptures can also be designed using a family picture so your beloved ones can now be held in your hand! While nowadays, people take more and more pictures, they barely print them out. This is why Carrington explains that with his 3D sculptures, "you're holding unequivocally special moments and branch them into something that's truly singular that we can arrange in ways we couldn't before".

Technically-speaking, Doodlesculpt's 3D printer can produce 100 sculptures at a time from a 2D drawing. The company also plans to buy more printers as it ramps up production.

Interestingly, the challenge in designing those 3D sculptures lies in limiting the perfection emerging from an advanced technology, as expressed by Carrington: "Every imperfection that shows up in your child's art is gonna show up here". "The imperfections are what make it perfect, right?". Not to undermine kids' talents but truly, it has to remain credible!

For a four inches tall "giraffe" sculpture, count 99 dollars. Definitely more pricy than a simple drawing on a A4 sheet, which may make parents think twice before they secretly throw away their kids' gifts...


Source: The State

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mel brooks wrote at 10/10/2017 10:28:58 PM:

can you make indominus lab 3d

Giles wrote at 9/21/2015 8:42:00 PM:

does anyone know where to get a 3d print from a series of bitmaps?

Babon wrote at 5/30/2013 11:07:43 AM:

So it's a rip off of ?

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