May.31, 2013

"I've got large hands but there don't appear to be any mice that are large enough for me to play with." - We often hear people say that.

Charlie Pyott at PyottDesign LLC has come up with a solution - he has designed and created a 3D printed mouse "Statial" that has fully adjustable ergonomics.

The Statial fits with a standard Logitech M100 mouse and can be quickly locked & unlocked from a center switch. The outer surfaces of the Statial mouse can be positioned independently for the best fit and then locked into position giving it unmatched customizability for any hand size or grip type.


The Statial is printed in a single pass with the interlocking hinge components already assembled with the mechanics coming out of the printer working. It is then combined with an existing mouse base to create the finished product.

The Statial 3D printed mouse is available through Shapeways for €65. It is more expensive than the Logitech M100 and many mice in the market, but it is unique in its customizable features, utilization of 3D printing of complex mechanical parts and DIY element of repurposing existing products on the market.

During the development of the Statial Pyott also created a series of printable tools to assist in making complex working prints in a series of hinge boards. These boards act as a probe for verifying minimum tolerances for hinges created a particular printing process/material and are released as downloadable digital models for home use. Check out more information here.

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Yellow wrote at 5/22/2015 7:04:14 AM:

Yeah, I feel like a solid shell would look better, and maybe to spice it up, wire up a few LED's under the covers. Also maybe make it for a couple other mice so you can print or buy one for your specific mouse.

JD90 wrote at 6/1/2013 2:43:13 AM:

Looks like a cross between a face hugger and the new Batmobile. It's an interesting idea, but I'd rather the final product be a solid shell fit to my hand than a bunch of adjustable pieces that won't be as durable as a single piece shell.

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