Jun.3, 2013

Back in April Alexander Maund designed a 3D printed Steampunk geared cube which was printed fully assembled by Shapeways. This original design consists of a cube with 28 gears, on each of 4 sides of the cube are 7 gears. Maund has now made this '28-Geared Cube' autonomous using a 6 volt battery, 6 volt geared motor, reed switch and small magnet, small length of stiff wire, piece of fibreglass sheet, some Kevlar thread, couple of washers and some electrical wire.

When the small magnet is placed near the reed switch, the motor starts which rotates just 1 gear which rotates all 28 gears.

"This design is a proof of concept and test of 3D printing's ability to print complex mechanical objects in 1 print with no assembly required (what you see is how it left the 3D printer, with all the mechanical parts working as one piece) by printing a complex cube housing 28 gears." writes Maund.

Watch the video below "Motor Powered 3D Printed '28 Geared Cube' - Printed Fully Assembled".


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mrudolph wrote at 6/4/2014 7:28:36 AM:

Just curious, how many times did you actually print the design before you had it right? Asked another way, did you sit down and design it correctly in one sitting, print it and publish the article? Or was it a process where you printed each piece separately first then started adding complexity to the design?

cokreeateWill wrote at 6/4/2013 12:16:22 AM:

Very cool stuff.

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