Jun.24, 2013

California-based 3D printing technology company Layer By Layer, the people who brought you Teleport It 3D, today announced the beta launch of layerbylayer.com, a new type of marketplace for the buying, selling, and sharing of 3D printable products.

Instead of selling files, templates, or designs, Layer By Layer sells 3D prints.

With their InstaPrint feature, users can easily buy and stream ready-to-print 3D products directly to their personal 3D printers.

All products on the site are pre-sliced. Users can purchase a single-print of their desired product just by clicking "Print". The products are delivered exactly how the designer intended them to be printed.

Currently a collection of puzzles created by Oskar van Deventer; a few of Pixil 3D's star products, like their Antlers Rack Set; and a Quadcopter are available on the site.

"We want to make 3D printing more accessible, and more useful to non-technical users. We thought this was the best way—to provide users with a central marketplace where they can easily find products, and then instantly print them out at home," said Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

In addition to simplifying personal 3D printing, Layer By Layer's L2L Print Utility also makes it possible for designers to sell their products without worrying about their original design files being pirated or altered.

Currently, the marketplace supports MakerBot's Replicator 1, 2, and 2x personal 3D printers, but the company says they will increase printer compatibility in the near future.


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CornGolem wrote at 6/25/2013 3:14:47 AM:

Great brand name

Gebre Mesquitta wrote at 6/24/2013 4:23:28 PM:

This is such fantastic stuff! 3D-printables are a great way for highly creative and innovative CAD modelers to make money!

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