Jun.25, 2013

In December '12 Formatec introduced the ceramic printing technology. The overwhelming technology interest encouraged Formatec to continue developments in this new field of expertise.

In order to continue the developments technology partners ECN and Innotech Europe joined the project which was then named as "ADMATEC". ADMATEC develops a wide range of printing solutions for ceramics. Material, machine and process developments are all done within the group.

It is the absolute aim to become the market leader for printing ceramic materials. In order to fulfill this aim efficiently the group decided to invest in a Cerafab 7500 from Lithoz.

Development of printing technologies continues within the group. The in-house developed technology emerged on several fundamental points, now calling it the ADMAFLEX® technology. Main focus is to break down limitations on precision, building size and building speed. Secondly material research is a critical development factor. Reducing costs and widening the range of materials are clear objectives. These material developments will not be limited to ceramics, on the middle long-term a pre-defined range of metals will be developed as well, while the process is suitable for all powder materials.

At this stage detailed technical information of the process cannot be shared due to proprietary considerations.

Together with the technology developments, ADMATEC explores new market segments with both systems, the Cerafab and the ADMAFLEX®. By combining both technologies ADMATEC can supply small/precise parts, but also larger parts in higher volume, approximately 3,000 to 5,000 pcs per year. The market seems to be discovering this technology sooner than expected, resulting in challenging requirements on a frequent basis.

Development study printed on ADMAFLEX® 80.

Ceramic Sensor Housing produced on Cerafab 7500


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