Jul.1, 2013

A week ago, 3D modeler Todd Blatt took his Google Glass to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and used it to capture sculptures. Besides 3D scanning artifact with Google Glass, Blatt has also being working on a whole bunch of 3d printed hardware accessories for Google Glass. He named them GlassKap.

GlassKap is a series of 3D printed plastic lens covers for Google Glass for privacy concerns. While the Kap is snapped, no recording can happen - so people around you know that you are neither recording them nor snapping pictures with the blink of an eye.

GlassKap lens covers has now four colors, black, red, blue, and white.

Blatt's original goal was to engineer a lens cover, but then more ideas come along with the original GlassKap. They are not lens covers, but some fun stuff, for example "Wearable Planter" will "keep your Glass green and let the fresh air breathe around you" says Blatt. Or Pencil Holder keep a pencil within a finger's reach, etc.

GlassKap and all related devices are 3D printed using a EOS laser sintering machine by Shapeways. They are all made of nylon and then dyed and shipped to your address.

As part of the Glass Explorers program, Blatt got his Google Glass in the beginning of June. Google has said that they are targeting a late 2013 release date of the Glass. But in case the consumer version will be any different than the explorer edition, Blatt says, he will develop all of the GlassKap accessories so that they fit the new version as well.

Soon you are going to encounter someone wearing Google Glass, so you may want to check out Blatt's crowdfunding campaign for GlassKap launched yesterday on Kickstarter. A GlassKap, in your choice of 4 colors, costs $20 on Kickstarter for early supporters.

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