Jul.2, 2013

Leopoly is a web-based, 3D modelling tool that turns everyone into 3D designers. Developed by Leonar3Do, each of the created and saved models are available for the entire Leopoly community for shaping them further.

The development team's concept was to create a community based 3D sculpting tool and game experience, which offers a new way of virtual sculpting - evolutionary modeling. In the process of co-creation modeling, the community develops, further shapes and shares objects to form a family tree of the original design.

Users can also create their own objects and shape or smooth 3D objects in any WebGL/Javascript supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.). It is an intuitive tool designed for the non-technical users. You can also select different materials to render your objects in. When you finish modeling, you can upload it to the community, or share on Twitter and Facebook allowing others to modify it further.

You can expand your possibilities by upgrading to Leopoly Next for other extended sculpting features and tools, such as offline sculpting and using "bird" spatial input device. Watch the introduction video below. Leopoly is in beta at the moment, you can sign up to try it now.

Thanks to Joris Peels for the tip.

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