Jul.3, 2013

The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora project team has announced the launch of Fedora 19, aka Schrödinger's Cat beta, a big update for Linux fans. Fedora is a powerful free and fully functional Linux operating system for everyday use built by a worldwide community of friends. The Fedora 19 "Schrödinger's Cat" beta includes creativity tools like Developer's Assistant for pushing code to GitHub, OpenShift Origin which allows users to build their own Platform-as-a-Service on Fedora, and 3D Printing.

"Fedora continues to enable users to experience the latest in free and open source technology, integrated into a Linux distribution and ready for free download, use, modification and redistribution." said the team.

While Windows 8.1 is introducing support for 3D printing, the Fedora project team also brings 3D printing tools to Fedora and allow users of 3D printers, such as RepRap and most aftermarket desktop 3D printers, to run plug-and-play off the operating system, without having to download binary blobs or run Python code from git.

Fedora 19 comes with quite a lot of 3D printing capabilities. According to the press note, the 3D printing capabilities in Fedora range from "software for creation of 3D models, to tools for generating and sending code to 3D printers".

There are several software needs for 3D printer users, in Fedora 19 beta, a few of 3D printing software are now available for installation, they are:

  • 3D modeling tool: OpenSCAD
  • slicing tool (to "compile" the 3D model to a set of G-Code instructions): Skeinforge, SFACT, Slic3r
  • printer control software: Printrun, Cura, RepetierHost, Repsnapper

(Images credit: Fedora)

A full set of features in Fedora 19 beta can be found here. To download the Fedora 19 beta, head here.

Note that you can also install these software in Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.

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FooBar wrote at 7/18/2013 1:31:44 PM:

This is by no means "native support". Instead this is the maintainers supporting the app binaries in the repos.

mr wrote at 7/10/2013 10:46:22 PM:

Where is the download link? In the download page I can't found the link to this version of Fedora, only Desktop, Security, etc versions are.

jd90 wrote at 7/5/2013 7:31:07 PM:

It shouldn't be that hard for the user to install the software themselves. I don't think home & hobbyist 3D printers are mature enough to try to make it this easy to install the software. There's already the impression that people have where you "just push print", when FFF 3D printing isn't a tenth as reliable as even consumer ink jet printing.

Kyle wrote at 7/5/2013 3:34:08 AM:

I see their user interface hasn't made any progress since I last saw it 5 years ago. :-(

Ryan wrote at 7/3/2013 4:30:24 PM:

Weak infill. It's bad and they should feel bad!

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