Jul.4, 2013

Adrien and Octavio, José and Coco, a team of four product designers based in Madrid (Spain) and Edinburgh (United Kingdom), created a truly different decorative object for your home using 3D printing. They came up with the concept of a wireframe fossil representing one of the most ancient and iconic creatures: 3D-REX, the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

"The concept really appealed to us because it represents a contrast between old and new, mixing nature's own amazing creations with technological advances of today." writes the team. Developing 3D model of 3D-REX was pretty complex but the result is stunning. The 3D model was 3D-printed using Selective Laser Sintering with strong flexible plastic. "It feels like something between wood and stone, more like a fossil," says the team.

"Another motivation behind the project was that, as product designers, we've always been fascinated by designer sculptures like the iconic Eames "House Bird", or Eero Arnio's Puppy. To us they are a constant reminder to keep the world and interesting place through the things we create."

There are two versions of this sculpture, one for your wall and another for your desk. The desk version stands by itself when you put it down on a flat surface whilst the wall version can be hung from a hook or nail on your wall. The difference resides in the "neck of the sculpture" as you can see in the picture below.

You can now back this project on Kickstarter, the price range is £25 - £195 depending on size, and you can also get them in multiple colours.


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