Jul.12, 2013

Not long ago, Terry Gou, founder and president of Terry Gou, the president of Foxconn Technology Group, explained to Taiwan media that 3D printing does not herald the arrival of the third industrial revolution.

"3D printing is a gimmick," Gou said. "If it really is that good, then I'll write my surname 'Gou' backwards [from now on]."

But Chris Anderson, former Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, disagreed with the tycoon's dismissive remarks.

At a recent "Technology guru China trip" held in Beijing Anderson said to the Chinese media that Gou's remarks about the 3D printer is too extreme, and the definition of 3D printers is too narrow.

"3D printers are not ready for mass production, it is for rapid prototyping. 3D printing is not mature, but we should not discredit the technology. "Although 3D printing couldn't reach the same production capacity as traditional manufacturing, I think 3D printers give every ordinary people the ability to create."

Anderson said 3D printer was a bad fit for large companies who want to compete with Foxconn, but it can be useful for small companies and young teams who have good ideas and want to start small.

"This is my watch, and it can be connected with smart phones with a sensor. It is a very popular product called wearable smart device which is invented by four young people in Silicon Valley." Anderson said. 3D printing gives the ability of manufacturing to individuals, and now every ordinary person can invent something.

"3D printer is not a technological revolution, but a social revolution. It gives individuals the ability to manufacture own products, that is a revolution. "

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Leo wrote at 7/28/2013 4:02:29 PM:

Which smart watch does he wear?

Nicholas Seward wrote at 7/13/2013 7:32:07 AM:


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