Jul.28, 2013

MyCorporation and Visual.ly created an infographic exploring the growth behind 2013's hottest industries. In this infographic "2013 Biggest Businesses & Fastest Growing Industries" they cover the seven fastest growing industries for entrepreneurs and small business owners, their reasons for growth, and popular formation types per industry.

1. The first industry the infographic covers is green and sustainable energy, boasting a 20% growth rate to protect the environment with green homes, LEED, and solar panels making up big components of its success.

2. The next is personal care, which MyCorporation's research shows is booming because it reinforces "way of life" from the beginning and relies on alternative exercise and self-tanning products as a priority to combat health issues.

3. Online and for-profit education come in third with online universities and for-profit universities making up this quickly growing industry, attractive for its accessibility appeal (with classes now being taught online) and the strict entry requirements and budget cuts of public/private institutions.

4. As social networks continue to grow, it's no surprise that the social network games industry ranks at number four. In just five years, social network games are estimated to become a billion dollar industry.

5. This is followed up by the mobile app industry at number five, growing due to an ever-expanding user base with smartphones and tablets becoming more attainable at all price ranges.

6. At number six is 3D printing, commended by President Obama for having "the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything."

7. Finally, the infographic covers the generic pharmacy industry with a projected annual growth rate of 6.3% due to the high demand for less expensive medicine.

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation, thinks the infographic is arriving at just the right time for up-and-coming business owners to study because it accurately reflects what consumers want to spend their money on right now.

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Joe Larson wrote at 7/29/2013 5:09:19 PM:

Fun fact, also #6 is the top 10 growing industries. Also #6 in the top 20. Also #6 in top 100. See what I'm getting at? Yes, I know the list was a list of 7, but that title is just silly.

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